Our Glass


Originating in Venice, this world-renowned glass relocated to the small island of Murano towards the end of the 13th century. Vibrant and complex, the artistry of its glassmakers quickly propelled the Murano name to fame. However, this success came at a price. In order to keep their techniques secret, Murano glassmakers were forbidden to leave the island. Despite this attempt to conceal the artisan skill, it was inevitable that the world would eventually begin to mimic their practice. Yet, true skill was only passed from generation to generation, with each improving on the techniques of the former. The artisans of Murano are still employing these age-old techniques; undiluted by the passage of time. We have brought this knowledge to our product. 


At Rahul&Anthony, we do not compromise on quality. Our product is sourced directly from a glassmaker on the island of Murano. We promise skill and technique, as our artisan is one of a finite number in Murano today. Countless years of apprenticeship and practice are imperative to become a qualified Murano Glass artisan. The patterns, design and colour of our product showcase this knowledge. The fused nature assures that no two pieces are identical. Such unique visual imprints provide the one of a kind distinction that differentiates our Murano Glass Cufflinks from the rest.


With a focus on powerful statements, we unite the vibrancy and boldness of Murano glass. Marrying Murano glass with cufflinks, Rahul&Anthony showcase the confidence of the wearer, with emphasis on subtle elegance.  Our designs are meticulous, and our cufflinks ensure that our vision is showcased through the unique craftsmanship of Murano glassmaking. It is from centuries of knowledge gained by our Murano artisan that crafts the unique nature of our cufflinks.

Bold. Elegant. Powerful. This is the statement Rahul and Anthony have crafted for you.