Our Leather


The ‘Vivace’ Collection is crafted from full grain, semi-aniline, Italian calf leather. Sourced from a world renowned Milano tannery, only the best skins are used for our full grain leather. With such outstanding quality, there is no need for buffing or sanding. This process preserves the natural grain appearance. The semi-aniline treatment process is then carried out upon the skins through the use of soluble dyes. This allows us to achieve a range of colours, without affecting the natural texture of the leather. A final protective coat is then added to guard from the wear that comes with every day use.


Based in Florence, our leather products do not compromise on quality. Tuscan leather craftsmanship is globally renowned for its characteristic excellence. We take these skills and apply them to our products to constantly fashion reputable and superior leather products. Each wallet is individually assessed to ensure flawless workmanship. To verify this process, each piece is accompanied by a certificate of our guarantee and delivered with the Rahul&Anthony quality agreement.


As with our glassware, the design of our leather collection focuses on powerful statements. We believe in simplicity intertwined with bold design. By incorporating our signature colour palette alongside the natural appearance of the grain, we create harmonious dialogue between product and individual. Our audacious designs compliment both the unexceptional and the exceptional, without the need to overpower. The ‘Vivace’ Collection comfortably adapts to the everyday in an unassuming, yet sophisticated, way.

Bold. Elegant. Powerful. This is the statement Rahul and Anthony have crafted for you.